Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Water Bowl Routine

Sometimes, the water bowl will go empty. We might be at work, or they might've had a lot to drink while we were sleeping.

Natalie and I have a special routine for filling the water bowl back up. It begins with me noticing that she's curled up in her water bowl again.

"Look, mama," she says, "it's soo dry, I'm willing to lay in it!"

So I grab a large cup and fill it with water. She gets excited for a moment, comes to investigate what I'm doing, but then she goes right back in the water bowl. That's when I pour the water in the bowl.

She'll sit there for a second and then jump out, shake off, and groom herself. I rinse out the water bowl, fill it back up with clean water, and the routine is complete.

It started out as a complete joke one day, because she wouldn't budge from the bowl. I thought, "Are you seriously going to sit there and let me pour water on you?" Turns out, the cat that howls like she's dying if we ever have to give her a bath, is also willing to sit in a bowl while I pour water into it. Go figure.

I think she's come to accept getting wet as a necessary sacrifice to fill the bowl back up. And since I find it hilarious, I let her think that. It's been our special routine ever since.

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